Thursday, June 19, 2014

And so we embark!

So, I've been thinking about getting into miniature wargaming for some time, as I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head and I've always been prone to bad financial and time-management decisions. That said, after doing my research (and on the advice of some friends also getting started in the hobby - check out my long-time friend Stric's progress blog at How Do I ... Warhammer 40K as he builds his force of Chaos Space Marines), I decided upon Warhammer 40k. I probably would've done it sooner, but there's only one game store where I live and it is neither convenient to me nor particularly well-stocked or organized (and the few times I have been there it has been possessed of a noticeable and unpleasant... um, let's call it an olfactory aura), all of which dissuaded me from attempting to pursue the hobby there.

But oh wait! A Games Workshop store opened up in another relatively nearby suburb, and so while on vacation Tuesday I set out down there in the baking heat to see what I could get into. The store itself was splendidly-organized, well-stocked, and immaculately clean. The gentleman manning the storefront, who went by the name of Steve, was friendly, helpful, and full of advice. It has actually been quite some time since I've had quite as enjoyable a retail experience. These factors all culminated in me purchasing a metric shit-ton of crap to get started with my desert-themed Tyranid army, hereby deemed Hive Fleet Ifrit.

For the models, I purchased the Tyranid Swarm model pack (40 termagants, 40 hormagaunts, 10 gargoyles, 4 rippers swarms, and a carnifex), as well as a starter painting kit and some paints for the color scheme I was aiming for (with which Steve was also quite helpful). A quick stop by Hobby Lobby netted me various other associated bric-a-brac such as plastic palettes, jars for water, brushes and soap, etc. Did you know they still put prices into their registers by hand there? It was a trip. Also, the cashier complimented my Bruce Schneier Facts T-shirt, which always picks me up a bit.

Anyway, thoroughly laden down with the materials and tools of the trade, I got home, made a workspace next to my computer, and started out building a hormagaunt. The result thereof will be discussed in my next post, when I introduce you all to Marvin, my very first painted miniature.

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