Thursday, June 19, 2014

Photo Setup

I had a question about what I'm using for my photo setup. I swear before god, it could not be cheaper. For lighting I'm using a $11.99 (literally, I checked the receipt) battery-powered LED mini desk lamp I got at Rite-Aid on a whim.

Actually, I use this lamp for cleaning and painting the models as well because it's so damn handy. I just place it on my worktable directly under my chin, oriented so the light is as direct onto the model as I can manage, and voilá: no shadows to get in the way of the work. It's awesome. As far as the model photos go, it's pretty much this lamp in one hand, my Samsung Galaxy S4 in the other, and the whole setup taking place on a built-in shelf in my closet:

You may also notice here my pimp-ass pink dress shirt and a lower shelf of god-knows-what. But seriously, this is all I'm using.

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