Friday, June 20, 2014

Starting the carnifex

The hormagaunts are progressing, and I've started assembling my termagants as well. I also ended screwing up a gargoyle because I clipped it wrong, and I'll need to pick up some green stuff to patch the resulting hole. But largely today's post is about starting my carnifex.

I've got the three main assembly bits put together and glued, but the nature of the model is such that when entirely assembled, it will be far too difficult to paint certain bits; namely, the head and upper arms. To that end, I figured I'd paint the things separately then assemble. However, because the glue has difficulty sticking to paint I had to figure out some way to protect the appendage sockets while priming/painting. It was difficult to get tape into the concave spherical cavities, so I ended up taking another tack. Poster tack, to be exact. See below the torso after priming with poster tack jammed into the cavities:

This actually worked much better than I expected. I'll just pull the tack out with a knife or toothpick once I'm done painting, and the cavities should be entirely bare plastic, ready for glue.

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