Thursday, June 19, 2014


All my abject failings behind me, and with several hours of painting advice videos specifically for Tyranids under my belt, I finally managed to produce a hormagaunt that I actually liked. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Craig, first official member of Hive Fleet Ifrit:

Craig's coloring is as follows:

  1. Prime with Mournfang Brown spray
  2. Base coat skin/body with Karak Stone
  3. Base coat carapace/claws with Mournfang Brown
  4. Wash with Agrax Earthshade
  5. Repaint skin/body with thin layer of Karak Stone
  6. Highlight skin/body with thinned Screaming Skull
  7. Correctly apply a hashing blend of XV-88, Tau Light Ochre, Averland Sunset, and Screaming Skull (in that order) to the carapace/claws
  8. Tongue is bright-ass Averland Sunset
  9. Eyes are Ceramite White followed by Guilliman Blue glaze (maybe they're addicted to the spice)!
I really liked how this model turned out. I even finished the base with a few pieces of gravel from my driveway hot-glued down after painting with Armageddon Dust, both to make it more visually interesting as well as help weight the model, since hormagaunts in general and in this pose in particular are horrifically unbalanced and otherwise likely to tip over.

Anyway, now that I have a color scheme I like and can work with, I'm going to start assembly-lining the rest of the hormagaunts at a clip of 4 at a time. It'll probably take a while, but I'm hoping to speed up a bit as I get more used to the techniques I've used. Stay tuned for further progress reports!

P.S. Craig will be the last named hormagaunt. I realize I can't keep this up nor remember all the names in question were I to try to.


  1. Love the paint scheme and the army name. The model looks great. I noticed you listing out your paints as well...I think that has helped me when I needed to reference something I had done before, but also to help anyone new that might come across the blog to know what paint was used without having to guess. So many just have pictures and no info on how the work was done.

    You are putting me to shame with your photo setup though. What is your setup for taking pictures of your models?

    1. Thanks man! As far as the photo setup, it's pretty stupid simple. I wrote a post about it because I couldn't upload photos to comments, but have a gander.